The Alchemy Club
About "Alchemy Club"
As a group, we collectively direct the flow of resources from people who have extra to those who need a boost in order to get where they wish to be.
The club's membership is open to all, with a primary focus on creating new kinds of economic opportunities for women and the more vulnerable. So we strive to be female-friendly and trauma-informed in all ways.
Our 'resources synergy' will be very popular among all kinds of people from all levels of society. For those who already have all the material wealth they need, our goal in those situations may be to help them achieve emotional satisfaction in their lives. Whatever the need, our goal is to help them find whatever is missing.
Women - more often than not - will put themselves last in everyday life. So we are especially interested in helping those women to find their 'secret joy' or solutions to their challenges -- whatever that may be.
The club's long-term goals include finding safe spaces for women, children and the most vulnerable in society. Special focus on matching resources for those who struggle with mental health or recovering from addiction, violence, neglect, foster care, trafficking and trauma.
It's a wild world out there. Be kind to one another!
Perhaps the best way to describe the club; it's a kind of resource matchmaker for people's lives!